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Gotya 80's

Sat Feb 04 2023

9:00 AM


12:00 PM







Gotchya Eighties Covered!

Featuring two of Melbourne's most experienced and entertaining musicians, G80SC is a passion project for Arj (Voodoo Surfgods, Uptown Funk) and Marshall (Shameless). Marshall is a triple threat, playing bass guitar, alto sax and singing (not at the same time). Arj covers the keyboard duties and sings as well.

The guys have curated a huge setlist (over 150 songs - can be found at the band's website) featuring the best of the 80's and many rare gems. Each of those songs has been lovingly put together, with accompanying instrumentation (including drums) expertly recorded to provide a full band sound.

Dancing and singing is an expectation at a Gotcha Eighties Covered gig, and they have built their following on the back of a 4 year residency at Eighty-One in Berwick, as well as performing sold out shows at venues such as the S-Lounge in Black Rock and many corporate functions. The G80SC trio is an option as well, where a lead guitarist is brought in to augment the sound - generally for bigger crowds and outdoor events.

If you want to experience quality eighties music look no further than Gotcha Eighties Covered!!












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